By Marilyn R. Wilson

Photography by Harry Leonard Imagery

This is the twelfth consecutive season that Lasalle College Vancouver (LCV) has showcased the work of their talented students on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW). Each season the school chooses a different theme and S/S 16 was no exception. For this show,
inspiration was to be found in the various facets of Geology
– including mapping and minerals. From first concept to final collection, the designers were given only four short months to create an eight look collection. They all rose to meet the challenge beautifully.

“Participating in VFW gives LaSalle’s student designers a taste of what it is like to put on a professional fashion show. This year, students have really let their creativity run wild with the geology theme as a foundation for showcasing their technique and craftsmanship,” says Diego Do Livramento, Director of LaSalle College Vancouver. “VFW is also an opportunity for the broader student body to gain practical experience- from student-designed jewellery that will accessorize the catwalk looks, to our volunteer student dressers, the LaSalle show is a team effort.
We are very proud of the students, and we are excited to see the collections make their runway debut.”

The school again partnered with renown stylist Tracey Pincott, a true icon in the industry. She worked closely with the student designers,
offering her extensive industry expertise as guidance
. Professional models from the Lizbell Agency helped showcase their final collection on the runway.

Below are four runway images from each of the five student collections presented, a look at their original illustrations and a brief note on their design inspiration.

Miona Nikolic

She was inspired by the lines and textures of architecture, combining urban aesthetic with the concept of utility to give a graphic and relaxed silhouette to her collection. With geometric cut outs and her own digital print she has created a monochromatic and youthful spin on the modern urban warrior.

Laura Torrella

Her collection is inspired by minerals, particularly from Labradorite. The Inuit believe Labradorite is a “Stone of Magic” which strengthens Aura and protects against the negativity and misfortunes of the world. It is treasured for its play of colour… peacock blues, greys and various shades of green are most prominent. The collection evokes this special stone through it’s hand­crafted feeling and use of colours and material

Ellen Legro

She found her inspiration in Navajo Turquoise, which said to bring happiness, luck, success and health. In Navajo culture, the various colours that can be seen within turquoise- blue, black, white and green- represent the natural world. Ellen’s collection is informed by the stone’s natural patterns and variations, including crackling.

Amy Herndon

Her collection combines the natural beauty of vibrant minerals and the depth of geological contour maps, which is represented with stitching and the structure of geometric lines and patterns.

Nathaly Barberi

She looked to the future for inspiration….. wanting to mix futuristic shapes with the geometry of architecture, mainly from brick, therefore cutting brick shaped rectangles and then sewing them back together to achieve the appearance of a brick wall. She created very structured pieces such as the high collars creating a futuristic look. She also hand painted the her fabric to replicate brick and emulate emeralds.

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