Wish you had a metabolism like a hummingbird? So do we. Sadly, we don’t so we have come up with a skinny – yet, high style version of home brewed iced coffee for you iced coffee lovers out there.

Getting Started / Things you need:

  • excellent ground fresh coffee (I used Kahlua flavoured coffee)
  • Eva Solo coffee maker or a Bodum
  • sugar free caramel syrup
  • Southern Pecan coffee cream
  • half-and-half cream

1. Buy the nicest ground coffee you want to spring for and and brew it the evening before. I love my Eva Solo coffee maker pictured above. Let the brewed coffee sit in the fridge overnight and do not strain out the coffee grounds.

2. Put two cubes of ice in a pre-chilled thick glass (at least a 12oz cup) which has spent some time in the freezer. 

3. Pour a quarter cup of sugar free caramel syrup, one tablespoon of Southern Pecan coffee cream, and one tablespoon of half-and-half over the ice. 

4. Strain and pour the chilled coffee.

5. Enjoy your iced coffee in the comfort of your own home and leave the Starbucks lineups and chaos to the tourists and morning commuters. Relish your precious quiet time alone while doing something nice for yourself that you thoroughly enjoy. 

Voila: Skinny caramel iced coffee 55 calories per serving.

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