Drafted by: Braden Scheck

Stunning stones, fine Swiss craftsmanship and quartz movement; Christian Dior is sure to impress
with their entire La D de Dior watch collection, specifically the ones featuring jade. They come in full and mini size, and the bold green facades of the jade are sure to catch the consumer’s attention. The bolder the green, the more valuable the stone, so it is clear that Dior used the highest-quality jade while designing the La D de Dior collection. Dior also continues their luxury watch making practices by including materials such as white, yellow and pink gold, opal, and diamonds.

Jade itself has an interesting background throughout Asia, particularly in China. Historically,jade has always been known for its significance, power and meaning. In ancient China, it was related to strength and protection, not only for those living and the ability to protect their bodies, but also the spirits of people who have passed on. In Chinese culture, the stone was sought after for its ability to connect with different spirits that inhabited the earth. It also has religious and ritualistic importance. Jade would be worn as a sign of social status since it was said to ward off injury and evil spirits.

At the Taste of Life Magazine event, Dior disclosed thattheir designer actually works around the stone they are incorporating. From an artistic standpoint, this is interesting, because when you have a material that is your inspiration, you want to make it the focal point of your work. Clearly, Dior has done so with their pieces.

I was lucky enough to connect with the Vancouver Christian Dior Boutique and the head office of Christian Dior in New York City. The La D de Dior collection was created in 2003 and inspired by the 70’s.It was also inspired by women who borrow a man’s watch to be reminded of him. While Dior was finessing these watches, they made sure to utilize the jeweller’s materials and ornamental stones, such as the breathtaking jade that is prominent in the pieces from La D de Dior collection. As high-demand, exclusive timepieces, consumers are only able to obtain La D de Dior Jade watches through boutiques. Select boutiques are available in Vancouver, one of which is the Christian Dior boutique at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.