While the name Tony Mangurian may not immediately resonate in some circles, to women the world over the man’s work forever evokes a connection. As one of the music industry’s biggest producers, the roster of artists he’s been associated with over the years reads like a veritable who’s who and includes giants such as U2, Bob Dylan and Faith Hill. But it’s an advertising jingle that not only put him on the map, but on store shelves and radio and television airwaves all over the world with the now legendary ‘Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl’ cosmetics campaign. This creation came about as Mangurian – then in his twenties – was doing carpentry to make money by day and playing in bands and writing and producing music by night.

“I heard about a friend who had done a 30 second Mercedes spot and made ten grand!” he says. “I thought that sounded like a better way to make money. I had a friend who was in the business and got hold of some TV ads and put my own music against them. I was able to use this as a demo and began getting work. A few years into my ad career I was asked to write the music for the now famous jingle ‘Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl.’ Mangurian would win the pitch and from there would go on doing almost all of their spots for about ten years.

“I did tons of music for them from Classical to Rap and everything in between and worked with their spokes models like Brandy and Faith Hill, Pink and Katie Perry; writing and producing music for them to sing and appear in the styles they were known for.” Born in Berkley, California and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village, Mangurian’s youth was enveloped by music as his parents were both avid fans and his father had himself grown up playing guitar and mandolin. Tony’s foray into the music world came about at the age of seven.

“My parents took me to see the Rolling Stones movie, ‘Gimme Shelter’ and after seeing it I wanted to play drums,” he says. “They set me up with lessons but I soon grew bored of practicing on a drum pad and gave it up. Later when I was in 6th Grade I wanted to play sax after seeing my school’s Jazz band play, but on the day of the auditions I couldn’t make a sound
with the mouthpiece but could on trumpet. When I showed up to the first day of band practice in 7th Grade there were many, many trumpet players and the bandleader, Mr. Shiek asked if anyone wanted to play drums. I thought to myself, “that sounds easy” because I had already learned them a bit in 3rd Grade and away I went. I guess I was destined to be drummer.” These days, Mangurian works with alternative rockers Luscious Jackson and continues to compose and produce many of the Covergirl brand’s advertising campaign music; aligning himself with any manner of artist in the process providing an overall positive working environment in the studio.

“Sometimes I’m there to help inspire great performances; sometimes there to provide musical inspiration or suggestions and I often co-write with them.” And for any future Tony Mangurians of the world looking to follow in his footsteps, does he have any sage advice to proffer? “Be a great musician; sing and write your own music; learn from the past but try to have your own voice and be original,” he says. “Make music for the joy of it; not to become rich or famous and if you work your ass off and never give up, things should work out for you.”