Molly Misbegotten

(Midtwenties Theatre Society)

DATES:  May 10-12 & 15-19, 2018

OPENING NIGHT:  May 12 at 7:00pm

PREVIEWS:  May 10 & 11, 7:00pm

PERFORMANCE TIMES:  May 15-19, 7:00pm

VENUE:  Havana Theatre| 1212 Commercial Drive

TICKETS:  $16; available online at



(Vancouver, BC) – Midtwenties Theatre Society is thrilled to present the world premiere of Molly Misbegotten, a full-length original play, from Thursday, May 10 to Saturday, May 12 and Tuesday, May 15 to Saturday, May 19 at Havana Theatre.

In this intimate coming-of-age drama, a naive adolescent named Elijah Berner succumbs to the harsh realities of attempting to recreate a moment – one he lost long ago – through film. Themes ranging from mental illness and regret to loneliness, love, and the difficulties of accepting a less-than-ideal society are explored in this second original production by Beau Han Bridge and his newly established Midtwenties Theatre Society.

Directed by an ensemble of artists, Molly Misbegotten features performances by Shelby Satterthwaite (Seven Minutes in Heaven), Aleksandra Koel (High School Diplomacy), Dakota Vegh (Balm in Gilead), Quinn Hinch (This Is Our Youth), and Midtwenties Theatre Society’s Artistic Director, Beau Han Bridge (The Romeo Section) in his theatre debut.

“I’m very excited to present Molly Misbegotten as Midtwenties Theatre Society’s third production and our first at the Havana Theatre,” says Bridge. “I’m also excited that this is our first-ever show to be collectively directed by multiple artists. In keeping with our mandate of highlighting conflicts that adolescents face today, we have chosen to present a character that struggles with mental illness induced by a contemporary society saturated in Instagram likes, emotional walls, loneliness, regret, and a fear of speaking up about one’s problems. In a world that strives to be idealistic and connected, we must be reminded of the individuals who struggle to accept the way things are; who feel excluded from majority trends; who can be dying in the face of a smile; whose silence may be the loudest cry for help; and for whom love and nostalgia may be, in the end, the only thing that can both save and destroy oneself in the worst of times.”


Credits for Molly Misbegotten:

Playwright: Beau Han Bridge

Directors: Colleen Booker, Emma Young, Stephanie Cho, Zack Currie, Rowan Jang, Christian Lagasse, Kathleen Keating, & Jackie Bridge

Performers: Shelby Satterthwaite, Beau Han Bridge, Aleksandra Koel, Dakota Vegh, & Quinn Hinch

Managing Directors: Stephanie Cho & Alexandra Quispe

Understudies: Alexandra Quispe, Michelle Apples, & Jackson Chao


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About Midtwenties Theatre Society:

Midtwenties Theatre Society is the newest addition to Vancouver’s theatre community. The non-profit company was established by Canadian-Chinese actor, filmmaker and director, Beau Han Bridge. His passion for theatre, which he developed in high school after an unfortunate mountain biking accident, and his drive to create and present innovative works that draw upon contemporary issues and themes less explored amongst mainstream theatre led him to create Midtwenties Theatre Society.