Coal Harbour Brewing Co. is excited to announce the release of Blabber Mouth Dry-hopped Lager, a new collaboration with Joe Leary and Rick Mohabir of ‘Just Here for the Beer Radio.’

“We’re thrilled to partner with Coal Harbour Brewing as the calibre of their beers is second to none and their 311 Helles Lager is an industry standard,” says Leary. “Plus with this collab I was actually involved in the brew by throwing some hops in the boil and shovelling out the mash. We can’t wait for our listening audience to try it”. 

Blabber Mouth is an unconventionally dry-hopped lager brewed with famed Falconer’s Flight, as well as Lumberjack Hops, which were generously donated to us by our friends at BC Hop co. The two hops combine for a pleasantly Euro hop aroma of subtle spice, ending with a bright grapefruit finish. The beer is low in bitterness at 20 IBU and an approachable 5% ABV. The complex malt profile makes for easy drinking.  Pairing that with a relaxed hop aroma, this will satisfy the taste buds of average Joe’s and beer nerds alike.”

Head brewer Thomas Batty was asked about his thoughts on getting to use Lumberjack hops; “I’ve never had the chance to use Lumberjack, being a newer hop variety.  I was excited to get the chance to experiment with something new, as brewers tend to be.  Once we cracked open the bag and stuck our noses in, I knew that these were going be good.”

About Coal Harbour Brewing

Coal Harbour Brewing has been producing high quality beers since 2011, most notably, 311 Helles Lager, which has taken home multiple awards over the years.  Over the past year, Coal Harbour has undergone some very exciting changes.  A new logo, new ideas, and a whole lot of new and exciting beers.  “We are making beer that we love to drink and want to share it with everyone that loves to drink beer as much as we do.”

About Just Here for the Beer Radio

Originating in 2010, Just Here for the Beer is Canada’s longest-running, dedicated and continuous beer program on commercial radio airwaves. The broadcast airs on the second and last Saturday of each month and repeats on Sundays on Vancouver’s Flagship sports radio station, TSN

Hosted by long-time broadcaster/writer Joe Leary and beer expert Rick Mohabir, the show is then podcast online and available through the various TSN Mobile and Streaming devices.”