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 I’ve had the privilege of meeting this talented, elegant and charming artist a handful of times over the past two years.  The first time was when Ola and a team of local creatives were commissioned by a local resident to produce a mural on the seawall at the front of their property.  Alongside some very skilled graffiti artists, they fathered some fine work among them.  However, it was Ola’s style that really stood out to me and since then I have been eagerly following her progress and learning her history.  I was then delighted to see that she was exhibiting on Main St’s Make Gallery, and gladly attended.

Ola exhibited seven pieces, each depicting twisting stories, which are often a reflection of her past experiences in her homeland of Kazakhstan.   The narratives behind her work invite the viewer to step into a folklore tale, colored with creatures, landscapes and patterns that compliment the subject.  The details range from the intricate to the bold and keep one’s pupils busy as hidden images and micro scenes appear to the keen eye.  One particular beloved character of hers is a snail that crops up in many of her paintings, which brings a sense of familiarity.

WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM INAGE CREDIT Painting By: Ola Volo Solo Show at Make Gallery: Main Street Vancouver WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM INAGE CREDIT Painting By: Ola Volo Solo Show at Make Gallery: Main Street Vancouver

The international market has Ola in their sights too.  Last year she spent some time over the summer in Serbia and Poland where she was commissioned to paint murals and expand on several projects.  From there, some time spent with her family back home was well received and valuable for fresh ideas and inspiration.  Croatia may be next on her agenda and the concept of traveling with the purpose of art is something that is very appealing to her.  However, we can see Ola’s work dotted around our own city of Vancouver, if you know where to look.  Other than the seawall commissions, her work can be found in diverse places such as beer bottle labels, BC Hydro boxes, right through to Folk Festival illustrations and Goliath murals having worked alongside East Van Youth and Vancouver Opera.

 In the future we can look forward to seeing a lot more from Ola and she is going bigger and bolder.  Murals that double or even triple her currents large projects.  Plus there is a systemic interest in developing pattern design in collaboration with designers for fabrics in the fashion industry.  Another exciting venture is animation and interactive app development, which I think will transpire very well.

I was really happy to see such a great turn out for Ola’s show at Make.  The space was packed to the brim and people were really taking the time to study her work, and I understand that sales were in her favor too.  Ola is a formidable artist and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

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