Vancouver, BC – July 6, 2018On July 26th at Portside Pub, Art! Vancouver is bringing together a group of eight artists to unleash their creative talents in the city’s newest painting competition: Art! Masters. The artists will be presented with a mystery box of supplies moments before the competition begins, and it is with these surprise items that they must create an original piece of art within an hour. This year’s participating artists are a diverse group of Vancouver-based creatives; many have moved here from another country, and they all specialize in different methods of artistic expression.

Jake Bull – Hailing from England, Bull is known for creating large, vivid pieces with a mix of acrylic and spray paint.

Tatiana Rivero Sanz – A Barcelona native, Rivero Sanz’s passion is connecting with people through her artistic photography. Her talents are also seen in film, sculpting and performance.

Lauren Morris – Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Morris often works with acrylic on canvas to create vibrant fruits, flowers and abstract landscapes.

Danyne Johnston – Johnston is a member of The North Shore Artists’ Guild. She works out of her studio, The Three Brushes, painting beautiful waterscapes and sunlit forest scenes using acrylics and watercolours.

Maureen Coles – Coles shares The Three Brushes studio with Danyne Johnston on the North Shore. She has taught art to all ages for over twelve years, with a teaching philosophy of having fun and exploring painting as a way of challenging yourself without the pressure to produce.

Shelley Brookes – Brookes enjoys painting with oil, and specializes in abstract landscapes. Shelley always says it isn’t her that completes her creations but the hand of the unknown.

Elizabeth Cross – Cross has a love for painting flowers and faces. She uses acrylic paint, but often incorporates elements of other textures into her work, such as gels, various brushes, glitter glue and sparkles.

Patrick De Michele – Local artist De Michele won our Instagram contest to earn his spot in this event as our wild card participant. Stop by to cheer him on!

Art! Masters takes place on July 26, from 7pm-10pm at The Portside Pub: 7 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9. Tickets are available at:

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