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What do science and mixology have in common? Your answer can be found at Science World’s “The Science of Cocktails” being held Thursday, February 4th, from 8 p.m. to midnight. The evening will
feature award-winning bartenders manning 25 open bar beverage stations as well as a great selection of tasty appetizers. Bragging rights are on the line – prizes will be awarded. Best of all, this not-to-be-missed event is a fundraiser with 100% of the ticket proceeds benefiting their Class Field Trip Program.

The Class Field Trip Program provides kids from underfunded schools with free access to Science World. The average cost for a class to attend (including transportation to and from the facility, a workshop, an OMNIMAX film and a take-home activity) is between $900 and $1,100. Theknowledge and curiosity about science is one important aspect of every child’s education.Sadly there are many schools in need of financial support.

The goal this evening – if reached – will allow approximately 6,000 students from under served local schools to experience the magic of Science World for free. Bryan Tisdall, President and CEO of Science World, shared, “Guests of Science of Cocktails are helping us inspire future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Jennifer Ingham, Science World’s Vice President of Development, is intimately connected with the school classroom field trip and outreach programs. Field trips are offered to a wide range of kids and teens from Kindergarten through Grade 12. There are 23 different topics to choose from including Climate, Energy, Geology, Space Science and Sustainability. They also offer a wide range of programs for schools, events and teacher Pro-D days where they bring science into the community.

Want to know more? Ingham shares about her work, the school programs and their Science of Cocktails event in the interview below.

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Can you share a bit about yourself? What drew you to work with non-profits and what was your journey leading up to taking a position at Science World?

I always wanted to make a difference and make the world a better place for all. Working for a charitable organization is a perfect way of meeting amazing people who are interested in a cause that can change lives and communities. I have had the honour to work in education, health care, social services and now a science museum, which can help impact our future by encouraging the next generation of scientists and technologists.

In each non-profit I was able to raise money for great causes, like helping students receive scholarships and bursaries so they could be trained to be the next work force. I could see how amazing doctors can make a substantial difference in the lives of people who were sick because a donor had financially supported their treatment. When I had the opportunity to work in social services, we helped children with disabilities to have an amazing camp experience and provided families with a place to stay when their children were receiving medical treatment. At every place I worked, I saw transformational change and the difference it made in the lives of families.

Photo credits: Science World

How did yout position of Vice President Development at Science World at TELUS World of Science come about? What does your job entail?

Over three years ago, I was looking for a new place where I could make a difference and an opportunity arose at Science World. For me, Science World is really where it begins. There is science and technology in everything. Innovation, creativity and curiosity are what will help define the next generation. If we can encourage children at an early age to be engaged in science and technology, we will have the next generation of world class researchers, doctors, teachers, musicians and more.

My role as Vice President of Development is to raise funds for our school and outreach programs and exhibit renewals and capital projects, such as the Wonder Gallery; a new gallery for children that can crawl to age five. I am very fortunate to work with very generous individuals, visionaries, community leaders, startup entrepreneurs from the tech sector, and corporations and private foundations that believe in investing in children for our future.

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Can you share what the Science World school field trip program is all about? What kinds of experiences does Science World offer – both in house and through outreach programs?

Science World is a charitable organization and our mandate is provincially based. Previously we had provincial funding to take Science World to communities all over the province and we provided free class field trips. Our dedicated team of science facilitators and teachers would bring Science World right into the classroom and local towns. Along with providing informal educational resources to teachers, we offer class field trips that incorporate the science curriculum. We also offer a number of programs from pre-curiosity clubs for the preschoolers to taking science to under-served schools for an after school program. Our goal is creating a place for our future science leaders who want to learn even more than they do in class by coming to Science World.

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Why is it so important for students to have the opportunity experience science in a creative, fun, hands-on way?

Hands-on experience that is fun and tangible is an easy way to break down the myths that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is challenging. If children at all ages have the opportunity to learn in an informal educational environment, they can become inspired to learn more and engaged in areas they never thought they would be interested in.

Do you have a program or two in particular that are personal favourite?

I love all of our programs that serve many children in different ways. I still remember my daughters’ grade 4th class field trip and how excited they were about coming to Science World, seeing a classmate’s hair stand up with the Van der Graaf. I also love seeing business leaders and donors who talk about their memories of coming to Science World on their class field trips and how it inspired them in the new amazing technology and companies they are building today.

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Please share a bit about the Science of Cocktails event, which will be donating 100% of its proceeds to the Student Class Field Trip Program. What is this program and who will benefit?

We no longer have the funding to provide free class fields trips for students in B.C.. We have seen the number of students coming to Science World on these class field trips drop over the past years, so we wanted to organize an event that would help us again offer these trips. This is the first year of Science of Cocktails. On this evening, we hope to raise enough money to offer approximately 6,000 students from under-served schools the opportunity to come to Science World on a class field trip.

Photo credits: Science World

What is the Science of Cocktails all about? How will you combine science with mixology?

Science of Cocktails is going to be an amazing evening of meeting Vancouver’s top 25 Bartenders who have created special cocktails just for this evening. At each of the 25 bar stations, these talented mixologists will share the science of mixology and the art of creating a cocktail that you can sample. You can enjoy their special creations, along with some fabulous food and entertainment, and make your own science experiments to take home.

Some of the bar stations will include unique food pairings such as sampling a Whiskey Neat and then tasting a famous, specially created Beta5 chocolate to pair with your drink. We will have entertainment, competitions between bartenders you will not want to miss, and programming throughout the night. If you join us for the VIP lounge, you start off the evening with a special Centre Stage show, meet the top 2015 World Champion Bartender in the Diageo World Class VIP lounge, and receive a lovely gift bag as a momentum of the event.

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