Shameless Hussy Productions Presents:


By Evan Placey | Directed by Renée Iaci


November 2-10 | Templeton Secondary School | 727 Templeton Drive, Vancouver, BC

Media Opening:  November 2 at 7:00pm

Performance Times:  November 3, 7-10 at 7:00pm

Tickets:  $10; available at the door and online at

Added Value:  Each performance will be followed by a Q&A



Flash. Click. Buzz. “Did you get the picture?”

“Slut, skank, scuzz – you deserve everything coming to you”

(Vancouver, BC) – Shameless Hussy Productions, in collaboration with Theatre Temp’s Dream Big Productions and the Girls in Leadership Club is proud to present the Vancouver premiere of Girls Like That from Thursday, November 2 to Friday, November 10, 2017 at Templeton Secondary School.

What would you do if a naked photograph of you went viral and you couldn’t stop it, couldn’t stop the rumours from going wild, and everyone formed an opinion of you based on that photo? In this urgent and explosive, award-winning play by Canadian-British playwright Evan Placey, a young girl named Scarlett becomes the center of attention – but for all the wrong reasons – and she chooses to stay silent, leading to an unexpected, but expectedly, dramatic conclusion.

“Placey’s eye-opening, often uncomfortably honest play…deserves to be widely seen by teenage audiences. And by their parents too.” – The Guardian

Winner of “Best Play for Young Audiences” at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards in 2015, Girls Like That was specially commissioned by Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Theatre Royal Plymouth, and West Yorkshire Playhouse. The play was developed through work with young people from the three theatres and first performed by their youth theatre companies in 2013. Its central message rings loud and clear – women’s internalized misogyny has usurped the efforts of men in the maintenance of female oppression.

“Shades of a technologically sophisticated Lord of the Flies…laced with biting humour and seriously impressive.” – Yorkshire Post

The Vancouver premiere of Girls Like That is directed by Shameless Hussy’s Renée Iaci and features a cast of ten teenage performers. The characters are familiar and relatable. The scenes are intercut with short, comedic monologues from women of different eras – a flapper girl, an air pilot, a hippie, a Melanie Griffith-style working girl – women who broke convention, championing over oppression with style and sass. These women represent generations of oppression by the opposite sex as well as the wider society, and ultimately contrasted by the current generation of girls, selling itself short and oppressing themselves through slut-shaming and bitterness.

With five explosive musical ensemble numbers, Girls Like That tackles a contemporary subject in a theatrically exciting way, exploring gender equality, self-image, friendship, and the pressures on today’s digital generation.


Credits for Girls Like That:

Written by:  Evan Placey

Directed by:  Renée Iaci

Performances by:  Alison Moreau, Raquel Francis, Chloe Bray, Savannah Read, Sophia McKinley, Louise Cove, Jasmine McRae, Isabella Tecson, Sasha Cription-Ingles, & Claire Dooley

Musical Direction by: Christina Cuglietta

Lighting Design & Technical Direction by:  Mimi Abrahams

Sound Design by: Stephen Bulat

Choreography by:  Dawn Ewen

Set & Prop Design by:  Carolyn Rapanos

Costume Design by:  Christopher Gauthier

Videography by:  Joel Grinke

Produced by:  Shameless Hussy Productions in collaboration with Theatre Temp’s Dream Big Productions and the Girls in Leadership Club


About Shameless Hussy Productions:

With a mandate of “telling provocative stories about women to inspire the hand that rocks the cradle to rock the world”, Vancouver’s Shameless Hussy Productions puts HERSTORY to the forefront. We search for and create work that provokes a deeper understanding of women’s past, present and potential, and bring it roaring onto stages across Canada and the U.S.