by Dani Barnes, House of Dani Barnes

When Dean asked me to come on board as the head stylist for SHINE back in April, I think I may have choked on a cocktail ice cube. I was floored. We were in an evening meeting to discuss the potential of me coming on board as a designer when he dropped the question. I had no idea what was coming but I think I said yes before I could catch my breath. It sounds kind of like a proposal story doesn’t it? In a way it was, as since that moment we have been working hand in hand almost daily to create the most epic magical production possible. Dean is one hard working producer!

I started work in Vancouver as a model who was consistently requested to provide her own wardrobe. It wasn’t long until I began being hired as a wardrobe stylist on shoots, music videos and film sets. Quickly I became tired of the same old labels and main stream fashion requests, so I ventured into costume and costume design. A world of opportunity opened from there. I am self-taught and hyper creative so costumes, production, choreography, events, performances, casting, creative direction, photography: basically any creative outlet I could get involved in I did. And the palate of skills I have gratefully developed over the past nine years in the industry keeps me inspired daily.

Having this opportunity to use my combined skills as a wardrobe/costume stylist, a community leader, a show producer and a business person is really a dream come true. It’s been a LOT of work so far let me tell you, managing the back end of SHINE’S runway but also a LOT of fun. Dean and I have worked together to scout and cast 14 lead local designers to create collections to be showcased and featured on the SHINE runway. The application process was elevating, andit was so inspiring to see so many talented humans willing to donate their time, money and craftsmanship to such a heart-based cause. I will be running a team of over 25 volunteer stylists leading up to the event and making sure everything runs smoothly back stage. We have over 150 models…pray for me! πŸ˜›

FASHION FASHION FASHION . Should you choose to gift yourself a ticket to one of Vancouver’s finest fashion and dance productions, be prepared to be blown away by the artistry you will see on our runway. Each designer has been chosen for their WOW factor and every sneak peek I’m sent of what they are creating really makes me think that this show is going to be the first of it’s kind in our city.

Donating my time and skills to benefit people living with mental health and addiction is really filling me spiritually and emotionally. I have strong connections to the cause having been raised in a household wrought with addiction and facing the personal traumas and mental health issues that arose as a result. Having worked through many issues myself and having come out on the other side a stronger individual made me realize how important it is to use my craft to help others facing similar trauma as I have.

Watching the amazing hair salon and makeup teams work together with our designers to create swoon worthy runway magic has been my favorite part of this gig so far. It’s taking countless hours of planning and organization on their end and the results are going to captivate and inspire all who SHINE with us on September 10th.

Thank-you Marilyn for reaching out to me to share about my work with SHINE. You are always on top of this cities most glamorous events and I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!

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Shine 2016 is going to be a do-not-miss amazing showcase of fashion, music and dance, all in support of The Canadian Mental Health Association and The Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre.

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