By: Marilyn Wilson

Shine 2016 – an extravaganza of fashion, music and dance– will be hitting the stage at the Commodore Ballroom on September 10th. This wonderful evening is made possible by hundreds of individuals who are rallying together for mental health. Communities helping communities!

Every single person and every single business involved is volunteering their time and services. Because of their generosity, Shine! will be able to donate 100% of every dollar raised through ticket sales and donations directly to the evenings recipients – Canadian Mental Health Association and The Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre.

As a thank-you, we will be highlighting some of the wonderful people and businesses who are working hard to make this evening the best it can be. Today’s interview is with Doris Granados of Wrongway Fashion, one of 12 designers participating in SHINE!


Please share about your journey to becoming a designer – how did you choose this career, training or self-taught, when did you launch your brand?

My name is Doris Granados, and I am from Bogota, Colombia. My fashion journey began when I was ten years old. I started out drawing wedding dresses, evening gowns and different styles of pants, including my favourites, palazzo pants. When I was a child, my cousin in Colombia would give me sticker drawings of princesses that came in chocolate bars and I used draw them. That inspired me to discover an artistic side of me. After collecting many of many designs, I showed them to a classmate, who taunted and criticized my drawings. I was discouraged and stop designing for a while. But at the age of 16, my passion for design reemerged and I designed my own prom dress, a red velvet sheath dress.

After finishing high school, I wanted to study design. However, due to financial issues I wasn’t able to further my studies at the time in Colombia. I began working at clothing stores, hoping that one day I would save up enough money to pay for my education. After many years, my dream of becoming a fashion designer chased me and I was able to find the opportunities I needed her in Vancouver, Canada.

I started my program at the Blanch McDonald and although it was difficult going back to school and having a family I pulled it off. Before finishing my introductory studies, I was given a scholarship to study the complete fashion program. I was ecstatic and extremely grateful. My husband supported me all the way and took on the house duties while I furthered my education…he is my biggest support! Since I graduated from the Blanche MacDonald Fashion program, I have meet wonderful people and have made forever-lasting experiences. I am living my dream in the magical world of fashion.

Describe your brand/collection? Who is your customer? What would you most like readers to know?

My brand name is “Wrongway” which is under construction and mycollection is inspired by the “Dinka” tribe, located in South Sudan, Africa.

Since I was a child, I’ve felt a great connection with Africa. I remember watching documentaries about their tribes and animals. So when I was looking for inspiration, I didn’t hesitate and chose Africa. I started investigating different tribes, but the “Dinka” tribe stood out for me – particularly because of the corsets that men wore to identify their position in the tribe. I find it beautiful when men also wear corsets. To me it symbolizes diversity, which as a designer I would like to promote in all of my projects. My collection is an extravaganza of color and shapes. I combine red with green apple, black to accentuate, blue and many colours mixed in African fabrics. 95% of the fabric of my collection is African wax prints and lace. I use A-line and circular shapes in the skirts, and lantern shapes in the pants and the sleeves.

My custumers are everyone! I am catering to people who feel identified with my clothes. Those people who love to be revolutionary, wild, and unafraid to try and experience new things in life. Using the magic of colors and we can project the power within ourselves.

What do you love most about working in the world of design? What is hardest?

What I love most about working in the world of the design is that it connects me with many people from different cultures, traditions and above all, with different professionals such as photographers, singers, makeup artists, models etc. Learning from them enriches me and I become involved in different areas. I also love that in the world of fashion I am able to perform many tasks simultaneously, like finding my inspiration, choosing the fabric, designing, decorating and accessorizing. Collaborating with different people in the entertainment industry makes me realize that the fashion world doesn’t promote a specific “routine” and this is something that I love and explore. I like to be moving and changing constantly, it makes me challenge myself every time.

The hardest thing working in the world of fashion for me has been the use of time. Sometimes you have very little time to make a design or project and you find yourself running to accomplish everything on time.

Can your share an interesting story from your time working in this field?

An interesting story that happened to me recently was working as a dresser with the Obakki brand at a fashion show. When I was helping a model get dressed, I realized that some of the models where from the Dinka tribe which inspired my initial collection. It was a tremendous match. Working with them without knowing that they were actually from the tribe that inspired me initially was divine. I felt it was a sign from God, telling me that I was on the right track in my profession

Please share how you heard about Shine 2016 and why you feel it’s important to participate in this fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health Association and The LionsGate Hospital Hope Centre.

I heard of Shine through Blanche Mcdonald in Vancouver. They contacted me and asked if I wanted participate in a fashion show where the main theme was “Avant Garde”. Immediately I accepted and my participation was confirmed for this amazing show. I think it’s very important to participate in such great events as they benefit our community and provide support to end negative stigma toward people with mental issues. These kind of events promote the artist inside every human being and help overcome the obstacles to develop our artistic talents.

What part of the Shine 2016 show will you be involved with? Can you give us a titillating hint as to what we expect so see from you on the runway?

I had the opportunity to form an outstanding team with Denise from the Origins Salon for hair and Ana Contreras as our make up artist. Together we are working hard to create a wonderful show, which we named “Untamed”, reflecting a lot of colour in the clothing, tribal makeup and hair with the use of full braids.

For more information on Wrongway Fashion, please visit their website at You can also follow them at Facebook at and instagram at https //

Shine 2016 is going to be a do-not-miss amazing showcase of fashion, music and dance, all in support of The Canadian Mental Health Association and The Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre.

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