Among the dozens of unique and interesting voices to be heard at Art! Vancouver, there will be three who are, well, oddly similar.  Siblings Taisha Teal, Skyla and Talin Wayrynen will all be exhibiting at the art fair, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre East in Canada Place from April 19-22, 2018.      

Differences do exist between the siblings.  Taisha, who is working towards a Master’s degree in Art Therapy, is fascinated by the links between psychology and art.  She hopes to one day open a counselling centre that will use art to help children overcome trauma.  Skyla’s passion is for physical as well as mental health; she is a certified holistic nutritionist, ACE personal trainer, group fitness trainer and is currently studying to become a yoga instructor.

But both sisters have similar ideas when it comes to art.  “My vision,” says Taisha, “is to induce positive emotions and radiate inspiration with every brush stroke, to expose the creativity in everyone.” Likewise, Skyla also has a positive message: “Life,” she says, “is about love and happiness, and working towards being your best self.”

Taisha and Skyla’s brother, Talin, will be exhibiting aerial photography this year (see photograph at left). Talin went to the Vancouver Film School for animation, and now works in the film industry as a Third Assistant Director. Using drones to take photos and videos, Talin travels across the world collecting images, some of which have been featured on the CBC.

Having grown up in a creative household, the siblings are artistically versatile, making them ideal exhibitors for Art! Vancouver. Taisha has experimented with oil paints, acrylic, water colours, glass stains, photography and even cake decorating. Her paintings range from studies of pop icons to figure and landscape studies. Skyla too has a wide variety of artistic skills. Her work spans mixed media, paint-covered furniture, and a series of portraits of both people and animals.

Art! Vancouver will begin on Thursday, April 19th at 6pm with an opening night celebration that includes an artist runway show, live artist demonstrations, workshops, speakers and panel discussions about current issues in art.

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