According to American Vogue Silk scarfs have usurped statement necklaces in importance this Fall/Winter.

On page 656 of the September issue of American Vogue there is an article titled,

“Fit to be Tied Because Gems Don’t Need to be Stones and Strands: Why the scarf is the new necklace”.

In this piece the author writes about how the scarf has become the most important statement accessory this season. I appreciate the NECK WARMING PRACTICAL versatility of wearing a silk scarf. Especially, during the transitional Fall and Spring seasons. I love to jauntily wear a silk scarf tied around my neck with a tuxedo jacket or corduroy blazer and jeans and a pair of sneakers or beat up two-and-a-half-inch ankle boots. Another variation of this look hearkens back to the Grunge days of the early 1990’s.

Finish this NEO-GRUNGE look off with a silk scarf to update your look for Fall/Winter 2014-2015

We love the way these silk scarfs look tied around your neck BANDANNA style paired with a loose fitting slightly unbuttoned plaid GRUNGE styled shirt and a TIGHT LONG SKIRT paired with beat up granny boots.

In addition, I love the witty fashion juxtaposition of wearing Chloe Trujillo’s Rock and Roll inspired silk Skulls scarfs with a buttoned up blazer. In my opinion the best fashions are those that capture a winking hint of irony and a PURPOSEFUL mix of high and low.

The Chloe Trujillo Skulls Black & White 90×90 Silk scarf pictured here is the perfect size to double around your neck to keep the autumn chill away and can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe to mix and match with a lot of looks.

Drafted by: Angela Krewenchuk.