Single in Vancouver? You are not alone in this and the sad thing is that, these days, it’s really hard to meet people to date. Vancouver is a beautiful city populated with beautiful people but for some weird reason, Vancouverites find it hard to meet potential partners. Well, fear not, because there might just be hope for the singletons. Planet Luv recently made ‘sparks fly’ at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for many Vancouverites on a night dedicated to exotic destinations in their intimate observation deck.

Planet Luv is a singles-focused mixer that attracts local singles to live interactive events. Planet Luv founder, Anthony Osten, says, “The modern world makes it easier to communicate then ever before. With mobile apps, dating sites, and other online platforms, we can connect with others at our fingertips. But as technology has gotten us more linked up, somewhere down that road we‘ve been feeling less connected.” Planet Luv’s airport mixer attracted hundreds of enthusiastic singles.

The event also featured fun ice-breakers, tarot card readers, massage services and more! What more can you ask for?
I interviewed Planet Luv’s event organizer, Neha Wadhwa, and this is what she had to say:

Why did you decide to get involved in ‘singles events’?

In this day and age, it’s so hard to meet people. Everyone seems to be shopping online for a partner, so we decided to take online offline and inspire people to meet mingle and match!

What was your inspiration behind ‘Sparks Fly’?

I thought it would be great to plan an event outside the typical bar/club nightlife scene so people could actually see and hear each other. Having it at YVR on the observation deck kept the romance and classy ambience that our caliber of attendees was looking for.

What do you think would make an ideal first date?

Somewhere fun to see if there is chemistry, where you can be yourself and see if “sparks fly”. A bike ride, walk in the park, a drink or 2 or 5. Definitely not a boring coffee date or movie where you can’t converse. Awkward.

What do you think women in Vancouver look for in a man?

Women in Vancouver are looking for what all women look for: a respectful, romantic, passionate, caring, healthy, loyal, solid man. By solid, I mean a man with ambition who can also express his emotions.

What do you think is the biggest issue with dating in Vancouver?

Singles are always looking for the next best thing. With so many options of meeting people online, people are literally shopping for their partner and using emoticons as a way of flirting and expressing themselves. If everyone just loses the checklist and filters and starts looking for chemistry, sparks might just fly more often!

Well, we certainly agree that the night comprised of fun, laughs, creative ice-breakers and a truly innovative way to meet other singles in unique environment. The night attracted well over 250 attendees in the 30-50 age range.

Good job, Planet Luv! I’m sure quite a few people may have met their match on the night. Keep your eyes peeled for the next big event where you might just have the chance to meet your next match.