Quick tip on how to stop conflict:

STOP. Just stop.

It takes two people to argue and create conflict
so if you want your relationship to feel better, be more connected and loving if it is a personal relationship or a more collaborative and respectful working relationship, then one of you has to change the dynamic. It doesn’t matter who takes responsibility first but
it only takes one person to shift the relationship in a positive direction
. You can do this. Once you are committed to a no arguing rule then you can look at what you are really wanting to argue about. We fight because we need something or a principle or value has been compromised. Once you are clear about what you are fighting for then you can express what you need in a positive way.

Quick view of a positive win win conversation:

1. Intention
: What is important to you about the conversation?

2. Issue
: Say what happened without blame

3. Feel
: Share how are you feeling

4. Need
: Say what your needs, values, principles or beliefs are.

5. Ask
: Tell the other person how they can help the situation and ask if they are able and willing to help

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