What makes a great story? David vs Goliath? Good vs Bad or Evil? The Best vs the Best? When it comes to wrestling, this is a key component. Writers need to paint a perfect picture for everyone to capture and be engaged in a match. The buildup is anticipated to excite the audience to look forward to a great battle inside the squared circle.

Who will get the angle? Who will step up to the plate and take it home? The wrestling industry has a lot of big names. Now these big names for the most part started on the bottom. Working their way up the tough ladder of the wrestling industries. A very hard industry indeed with a 365 day a year work schedule, constant travel and promotions as well as training. It is not a very easy road and some do it for pennies on the dollar for a chance to taste the gold, the fame and the luxuries.

Legends are not made over night and they have to be able to please the audience. Not only in the ring but outside the ring. You need to have talent, charisma and mic skills. Yes, mic skills to be able to help tell the story to encourage the audience to buy in to the feud. People love to hate wrestlers and love to love wrestlers. Take John Cena for example. Our present day Hulk Hogan without all the bad media that he has gotten recently. Half the crowd chants, “Let’s Go Cena!” and the other have shouts, “Cena Sucks!” The more you involve the audience the more they are vested into the story and the match. A match cannot be a simple match. It itself needs to tell a story. This is where it is written or choreographed. But when the tides turn, things need to be improvised.

Take a look at Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret the Hitman Hart. In their classic match, Steve was a heel and Bret a face. During the match itself they changed roles of heel and face and Austin lay there motionless after passing out to a patented sharp shooter submission from Hart. Austin and Hart created a magnificent story inside and outside the ring. Austin showed true character and toughness that forever changed the industry. This match demanded his respect and the audience gave it to him after witnessing his rise to legendary status. A legend is someone that gave us greatness. A legend is someone that will be immortal in the wrestling industry when they are long and gone, their memory will last forever.

We get lost in these stories and get emotionally involved. A glimpse of a fantasy world where we live within the wrestler’s eyes and taking on all competitors. We need this and feed on this to keep us all motivated. To overcome the best and all obstacles we have an urge to want this. This makes us feel better about ourselves that anything is possible and a true underdog can become the one and only great one. At one point Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got cut from the CFL and was involved in the wrestling industry. His wrestling gimmick and story was not working with the crowd and they began to chant, “die rocky die.” Rocky Maivia at the time asked to be able to speak on the mic. A story was told, a chance was given and of course a legend was born.

These are my “thoughts on paper” and thank you for reading.

Mr. 99 Overall … Chase the Dream.