It was a real delight to spend time with haute couture shoe designer, Tabitha Simmons, at the Holt Renfrew media breakfast for the unveiling of her winter collection. It was a pleasantly small group and each of us were able to spend some quality time with the designer over mimosas and canapes.

Tabitha Simmons’ recent collection certainly reflects the fact that she was born and raised in England.

The alluring flower patterns capture the essence of a cottage garden replete with charm, not grandeur. The eyelet embroidery, which is a distinct trademark, was inspired from world travels and her British roots. Her vision was to create timeless designs rather than trends.


Tabitha graduated with a degree in film and set design, and still spends up to 12 hours on set. Confirmation of comfort is a real concern since she dons her own shoe designs during those long hours on her feet as a stylist (and as a busy mom). Her objective was to create stylish yet wearable shoes that women would reach for not just daily, but also for a special night out. To meet her own standards, the shoes have to be comfortable and fashionable.

It was at the age of 14 that she first realized she had developed a passion for shoes while working in a shoe store. She debuted her own collection in 2009 and has since been recognized with sequential distinctions. Her unique style recently won her the CFDA accessory designer of the year.

Tabitha worked with and developed her style alongside such fashion icons as Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein. She currently works with Dolce & Gabbana and consults with a number of designers including Tory Birch. She explains that every brand has its own particular DNA, so to work with seemingly contrasting styles simply allows her to expand her own sense of creativity. She has herself achieved celebrity status. She excitedly shared stories of her time at the coveted Met Ball, which is one of the most exclusive social and fashion events and considered to be one of the most important red carpet fashion affairs in the industry.

Still down to earth and approachable, Tabitha appeared unaffected as she mentioned the names of top designers, models and artists that she spends time with on a regular basis. As a contributing editor, you can also find Tabitha wearing and touting the latest fashion apparel on the pages of Vogue Magazine.