Hosted by: The Social Concierge

Date:Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Time: 9pm – 2am

Place: The Permanent | 33 W. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1

Tickets: $60 (very limited) including one complimentary cocktail:

Encircled by candelabras dripping with melting wax & enchanting piano drifting through the doorway, we welcome you to a world of another time. Take a step back into the 1800’s as you arrive at the stunning heritage mansion, The Permanent. Decadent & mysterious, you’ll be greeted by sacrificial cage dancers. The only catch to enter, you must be turned – Everyone is undead at The Vampire Ball. Enter the dark society of shining teeth and glowing eyes that embody the eternal night.

Join us on Saturday, October 31st as we combine High Society flair & elegance for the The Beautiful & The Damned. Ease into the evening with live opera and contemporary dance performances, & dance long into the night to the tune of some of the city’s finest DJ’s. Elevating your evening further, climb the grand stairwell to the Veuve Clicquot Yelloween Lair. Overlook the festivities, sip on the finest champagne, and take in all the glamour.

The event is a Black-Tie Affair – Dress to impress in your finest over-the-top-couture & tuxedo
s, for 300 fellow creatures of the night to revel over. Tickets for The Beautiful And The Damned are extremely limited, cost $60 and include a complimentary cocktail. Join us for this one-night-only bewitching affair by purchasing your tickets now:

MEET MANDY CARNAHAN: Founder of, “I have just the thing”.

ABOUT MANDY CARNAHAN: Founder of, “I have just the thing”.

We are thrilled to announce that Mandy and her dashing husband Shawn will be hitting the town in partnership with WWW.METROLIVINGZINE in search of Vancouver’s most STYLISH social butterflies. Mandy has a keen eye for fashion. Ms Carrnahan asserts that fashion comes from within – you either have it in your blood or you don’t. We assert that although there are many people who try to masquerade as FASHIONABLE by getting decked out in brand name logos they have missed the mark. In its most pure form fashion is a celebration of kinetic art on the human form rather than worshiping at the altar of branded logos. If Mandy singles you out at a social function and politely requests to have her professional photographer capture your image – take it as a HUGE complement! You have been selected because unlike many fashion followers you