Mr. 99 Overall here. I want to clarify something about the wrestling industry. The sport or entertainment world around us that involves professional wrestling. Many people call it “fake” or “scripted”. I want to point out that majority of the sitcoms, dramas, movies, etc. that we watch are “scripted” and or “fake”. Wrestling has been part of many people’s lives for quite some time. The days that go back to Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair and Bret Hart to name a few when I was growing up as a kid made a big impact on my life. It was a time when families got together to watch their favorite wrestlers have great matches and be entertained. From all the pyro, lightings, commentary, story lines and finishers to end a good match, we love it all.

How “fake” can falling off a ladder onto concrete or cement be. Getting hit by a steel chair doesn’t seem pleasant either.Yet these professionals put their bodies on the line, day in and day out to have a moment to entertain the world. A recent incident where John Cena our present day “Hulk Hogan” had a match with the so called “future” of wrestling Seth Rollins in the juggernaut of entertainment WWE on a Monday Night Raw Event truly amped up the world. Seth Rollins went up for a flying knee and caught John Cena on the nose. Thus breaking his nose during a match. John Cena however pulled through with an incredible match leading to his victory. Now I can tell you that not all wrestling is “fake” or “scripted”. Wrestlers deserve a lot of respect and credit for what they do inside the squared circle.