Attention small business owners, what I am about to share could save you a lot of time and expense in the future. We all know that most start-up companies and small businesses often have limited funds to start off with.  Here is the typical scenario – you are in the process of realizing your dream and maybe you think that outsourcing certain unpleasant tasks may help you streamline and become more efficient.  It seems like common sense. Perhaps your computer skills are rusty or even non-existent?

So, you ask around. In the name of efficiency you decide to outsource certain tasks that you either you do not enjoy doing or are not particularly good at. You rationalize that outsourcing work will help you do what you do best – which will ultimately bring in the cash you have been dreaming about all of those nights staying in eating RAMEN.


ENTER: The Billable Hour (s) Confidence Scam Artist.

Warning small business owners, this scam artist has been waiting for someone like you to come along for a while. They have researched you and your needs ahead of time. They have the perfect REHEARSED answers to all of your questions. 

You think you did a good job interviewing this person and SURPRISE they blew your socks off at the interview. They seemed so COMPETENT. You told them that you have a very small budget and they REASSURE you over and over that they are quick, efficient, hard working and HONEST. The BILLABLE HOURS CONFIDENCE SCAM ARTIST works hard to CONVINCE you that they are a good value. 

THIS IS THE SCAM and THIS is how these types of SCAM artists are able to HOOK VULNERABLE small business owners with limited budgets. 

The Billable Hour (s) Confidence Scam Artist: Banks with your hard earned money on the fact that you will take their bait.

What is the bait you ask?

These PREDATORS BANK on the fact that your FEAR OF FINANCIAL INSECURITY will get the best of you!



This is a con job: Dear business owner. You have been conned into thinking you are getting A GREAT VALUE by the BILLABLE HOURS CONFIDENCE SCAM ARTIST. You are afraid to ask the BILLABLE HOURS CONFIDENCE SCAM ARTIST for an ITEMIZED LIST and BREAK-DOWN of how they are spending their time working for you. Why? BECAUSE they have TRICKED and BULLIED you into believing you are getting a great value!

Dear business owner’s PLEASE take these hard earned lessons to heart.

1) The independent contractors that you hire are in the business of MAKING MONEY. They are not social workers and they are not operating charitable organizations. They are in the business of making COLD hard CASH.

2) Independent contractors do not give small business owners FINANCIAL breaks out of the kindness of their heart.

3) ALWAYS insist on getting a regular breakdown of all of your independent contractors time sheets ASAP before the business relationship has become entrenched.

4) If you have to ask more than once for their itemized time sheet you are most CERTAINLY being scammed. 

5) Take note: If they balk or are resistant to demonstrate some of the skills they are using on your behalf. Chances are they are OVER BILLING you for time not worked. If they will not demonstrate a computer skill in front of you that you are not familiar with. Chances are it is a task that takes them two minutes to preform that gets recorded on their time sheet as taking between 15-30 minutes. 

Dear Small business owners: Please Heed my warning – Do not let the BILLABLE HOUR (S) CONFIDENCE SCAM ARTIST prey on you. You will SUCCEED without a PREDATOR like this in your professional circle. 

Ciao, ciao! 

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Unknown 40 something year old FEMINIST wants to share the truth with MLZ readers about the matters faced by women living in GLOBAL metropolitan regions. She is not going to hold back on issues such as: family, sexual identity, politics, body image and sexism in the workplace.