Drafted By: Melissa Kuberik

Did you know that 80% of the successful sale of a home occurs before the home appears for sale on the MLS?  Two of the most important aspects of this pre-listing phase are getting a home in the best possible condition for sale (repairs/alterations/cleaning & staging) and presenting your homes best foot forward (professional real estate photography).  If you arent making the effort to get your home in the best possible condition, then dont expect to be treated as such when your home hits the market. 

One of my areas of expertise is taking a previously listed home (one that didnt sell) and get it sold.  Often these homes were on the market for 100-300 days and either had little action or had a lot of attention but no takers. Typically once Ive been hired to sell a home, its sold quickly and for the best price possible because I set the home up for a win before it even hits the market.

The first steps I take to setting up a home to be successfully sold are:


1.    Declutter & Depersonalize your home! This may mean becoming a minimalist for a while and placing your items up for sale, for donation or in storage until your moving date.  Think of it this wayyour goal is to move out of your current home and youll need to go through this process eventually, so why not do it now! Only keep items in your home that will show it off well and that are absolute necessities. If youre looking for examples of what this can look like, take some time this week to preview staged show-homes in new developments. To net top dollar for your home, your goal is to look as presentable as a show-home and shine as they do.  Keep in mind, you will not be buying your home again and as such, youll want to make it appealing to as many people as possible. Decluttering & Depersonalizing are the first step to making this happen.

2.    Know your demographic! Who is most likely to buy your home? This will be key information as all of your staging & marketing efforts will be geared to attract these buyers.

3.    The staging consultation.  My amazing Stager Linda Feinstein at upstagedvancouver.ca completes a thorough analysis of the homes strengths and weaknesses both for the interior and exterior.  Room by room she will itemize necessary repairs, staging needs, paint & decor changes needing to be made and offer ways to complete these tasks for as little $$ out of your pocket.  The goal is to net as much as possible from the sale of your home and keeping your expenses low when preparing for a sale are key to making this happen! After your staging consultation, Linda will deliver a copy of your staging to do list. It will be up to you how many of the tasks you complete.  The more tasks from the list that you can complete, the better youll be setting your home up to sell in less time and for less money.  Yes, it can be time consuming and take effort on the part of the home seller, however it almost always is worth it! Linda and her team can take care of all of these details for you, you can take care of all of the details or find a happy medium. Most of my clients will complete the repairs, the thorough cleaning and any alterations needed themselves and will call Linda and her team to stage their home.

4.    Professional real estate photography!  As most buyers today begin their home searches online, its important more now than ever before to have clear, crisp, professional real estate photos of your home showcasing it just as a new development show-home would be showcased.  The MLS allows Realtors® to post up to 20 photos of a given property.  All too often a Realtor® will not only take the photos themselves, but they will only post a handful of these photos.  A professional real estate photographer knows how to properly showcase the features of a home using angles, proper lighting and adjusting furniture to get the shot just right.  The likelihood of a Realtor® going through these efforts to take the best possible photos of your home are slim to none.  With most home viewings beginning online, youll want to have the best possible photos of your home!


Take a look at these two examples:


Home #1:        Style: Vancouver Townhouse, Leased Land

                        Previously listed on MLS: 215 days

                        Professional Staging: None

                        Professional Photography: None

                        Number of Photos displayed on MLS: 9

                        Occupied: Vacant Home

MASTER BEDROOM Click on the before picture below to see the stunning AFTER photo from this home staging exercise.

SECOND BEDROOM Click on the before picture below to see the stunning AFTER photo from this home staging exercise.

DEN / OFFICE Click on the before picture below to see the stunning AFTER photo from this home staging exercise.

Once the list of repairs, cleaning, alterations and minor staging were completed, this home sold for the highest price on the street, one of the highest prices for similar townhomes and in only 15 days ! (We had 3 offers with the first offer being presented within 48 hours)


Home #2:        Style: Single Family, Detached House

                        Professional Staging: Yes. Furniture, Artwork and decor throughout the home

                        Professional Photography: Yes (Christian Laub – Laub Studios)

                        Occupied: Owner Occupied  

                        Previously Listed: NO, New to market

                        Days on Market: 11


For this beautiful 2 storey + basement home, Linda (Stager) and her team set up a house worth of furniture & decor once the paint work was completed and new flooring installed on the main floor.  Nearly all of the items in the photo above are staging items on loan from the staging company. 

y decluttering, depersonalizing, repairing, cleaning, Staging and having professional real estate photos taken, this home sold for one of the highest price points in its neighbourhood and in 11 days!  It is worth it to put the additional effort in at the beginning to save your self months of being on the market, feeling frustrated and stressed out! You’ll likely net a much higher dollar value than if you didn’t do the work and your life will probably only be turned upside down for a few weeks vs several months.

Bottom line: If youre serious about selling your home and you want to get top dollar for it, present it as a top dollar home!

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