Men’s fashion has been taking a more traditionally feminine turn this year, and 2016’s Spring/Summer collections are no exception. Floral prints, lace, and short shorts made big appearances on the runways this season alongside the expected jackets, overalls, and polos. Below are the top 10 items that should be in every fashionable man’s closet in the coming months.

Bomber Jackets


Fifties Polos

Short Shorts

White Trousers

Khaki Jackets

Cuban Collars

Lace Shirts

Botanical Suits

Long Scarves


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  • Bomber Jackets, Overalls, Oversized Polos, Short Shorts, White Trousers: The Trend Spotter images
  • Khaki Jackets, Cuban Collars: Fashion Beans images
  • Lace shirts, botanical suits, long scarves: Vogue images