Immortality Begets Impatience.

The Social Concierge, however, had chosen The Permanent to keep all the birds from fleeing. There was entertainment – from the captivating acrobatic silk dancers of Trevor’s Cirque School, and the timeless musical mixes of two distinct and talented DJs. From the rear of the balcony, the cases of Veuve Clicquot surrendered to our flutes filling us and them with sparkles and joy. Well done and well attended by
many spectacular and sometimes spooky vampires dressed in their best black-tie masquerades from the 1800’s and into the near future, it was truly The Vampire Ball.

Deb (above, second from left) donned her feathered top hat and Blair (right) his golden coat impressing us as most avant garde. Their outfits were designed and created by Blair. They are true makers of fashion and have made their own history in our city as owners of a very eclectic clothing store which sadly closed nearly a decade ago.

Here we have Laura McIntosh(above left) of The Social Concierge, and some of her coven.

Rachel played the night’s second set wearing a stunning dress by Tamara Montes Claros, Fashion Designer at Pretty Bastard.