Drafted By: Melissa Kuberik

As business professionals, most realtors truly do want to give their customers/clients a great experience in real estate and as such will promise many things in effort to win over a potential client.  Real estate sales is a highly competitive business whereby the top 20% of the realtors earn roughly 80% of the money.  Sales is sales regardless of the industry or product and sales people must be in top form in order to make the sale. 

If Realtors® are competing with each other for business, why then would over promise & under deliver be one of the top 5 complaints against Realtors®? Simply put, in order to win over a potential client the Realtor® being interviewed must show their value and how they are better qualified to work with the potential client.  This value often includes a snapshot of awards the Realtor® has won, how they are/were the #1 agent in their area, market, etc, a marketing plan, their team and a list of services they will provide to their client.


Most realtors begin a client relationship with the best of intentions and want to deliver a great real estate experience. Theyre excited to begin working with their new client and their client is looking forward to buying and/or selling a home.  However when expectations are not met, the relationship can sour and the experience can become a disappointment or stress filled time.  A few examples of Over Promise & Under Deliver are:

*Promise to follow up with showing realtors and give feedback to the homeowner after each   showing & in a timely manner

What often happens is communication between the realtor and their client dwindles and the Realtor® doesn’t call for feedback from the other showing Realtors® and therefore doesnt forward any feedback to their client.  The client is then left wondering why their home hasnt sold.  Meanwhile their home could smell like dogs, be too open, too closed in, too close to traffic, not facing the right direction, too dark, not the right layout, not enough bathrooms, buyer has new needs, etcand the Seller will never know because the Realtor® hasnt followed up with the showing Realtors® or, the Realtor® may very well have followed up, however has not relayed this information to their client. Either way, the Realtor® is not providing the service they promised.

*  Getting the sign up as well as other marketing in a timely manner

For homebuyers and homesellers alike, there is no greater marketing frustration than when a home is displayed on the MLS for sale with no information and no photos of the property.

*  Keeping the lines of communication open

A complaint I often hear from my clients who have worked with other realtors in the past is that they never heard from their realtor and yet their realtor told them they will always be available to their client, they return all of their calls/emails/texts in a timely manner and ensure the client is kept in the loop every step of the way.

*  Having access to many buyers who will love your home.

and yet the realtor doesnt personally show your home to any prospective buyers of his/her own.

*  Featuring your home in major advertising platforms.


How to avoid the Over Promise & Under Deliver Experience? Hire a professional Realtor®!

The following are 8 great qualities to look for in your next agent:

1.    Their past clients rave about them! They are truly walking billboards!

2.    The Realtor® has systems & procedures in place for their business to run effectively with every client, every time.

3.    The Realtor® has a simple, yet comprehensive marketing plan & strategy.

4.    The Realtor® has a keen interest in learning about your expectations and a desire to meet or exceed them.  Should you have needs or expectations that the realtor cannot meet or exceed, they will connect you with an agent better suited to you because they will place your needs above their own.

5.    The Realtor® has a great understanding of the local market place.

6.    The Realtor® is highly passionate about real estate! The Realtor® is a full time agent, who absolutely loves what they do for work!

7.    The Realtor® has a can do, yet realistic attitude.  They see a successful outcome for you, they are honest with you about what it will take to sell your home or purchase your next home.

8.    The Realtor® is connected to other industry professionals who are also highly passionate about their work & helping others.

9.    The Realtor is on time or early for your appointments.

10.   As a strategic thinker, the Realtor is always seeking was to improve upon their skill set, education, network, etc.. They are always looking for ways in which to improve themselves, to grow as people and in turn this will allow them to deliver even greater service to their clients.

Why do we over promise?

We over promise for many reasons, among themacceptance, to be deemed the expert, to be the hero, etc However unless the promise is a standard that we typically live by and adhere to, we will likely fall short.  This is not a reason to then under promise and over deliver.  My belief in business as well as in life is to set a standard and then consistently live & deliver service by that standard.  When youre ready to live a bigger/ different life or change your business, you must raise or lower your standards accordingly.  Set standards that will cause you to become the best possible version of yourself.  Even if you have to set these standards in phases or as goals to achieve.  Get in the habit of being that person who lives according to those standards every day, for they will help to form your character both in your personal and business life. As Realtors®, our clients deserve the very best and we owe it to them to deliver the best by being our best. When we raise our own standards, we help to raise the standards of our industry as well.  These new standards will help to lessen and hopefully one day eliminate these types of consumer complaints by Realtors consistently delivering what they promise.

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