Drafted By: Kamantha Naidoo

Winter is a beautiful time of year when we get to enjoy gatherings at the fireplace with friends and loved ones, visits to Whistler for skiing and snowboarding, and time to reflect and plan for upcoming summer fun. When it comes to fashion, we get to put on those sexy boots and wear our gorgeous long coats and cashmere sweaters. Theres so much to enjoy about winter but one thing that starts to annoy us all is how dry and reactive our skin, hair and nails become during this season. Well instead of letting winter weigh you down, there are some small changes we can make that will prevent those frustrations. You don’t have to avoid being outdoors because of the dry air, and you certainly don’t need to fear the heaters in your apartment. Winter conditions are inevitable so find out what you’re doing wrong and what you can start doing so you can make the right choices to stay youthful and happy in your own skin.
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1) Coffee and Hot Chocolates might taste delicious and seem like the ideal winter drinks but they also contain caffeine. Caffeine acts as a diuretic on the body, so drinking these in excess will lead to dehydrated skin. Keep hydration at bay with plenty of water, warm herbal drinks, and vegetable juices.

2) Choose your cosmetic products carefully! What you put on your hair and skin could be causing more damage than good during winter. Keep it natural and chemical free.

3) Use hair masks and add moisturizing oils to the end of your hair to prevent dry end and static-y bad hair days

4) Eat plenty of good fats! Good fats can be found in many food sources so fill your plate with those good fats and free veggies and leave out the nasties like sugary items and salty fast food filled with preservatives and zero nutrition. Your hair, skin and nails will love you for it!

Take care of yourself this winter and every winter of your life. Neglecting your body can lead to long-term damage so dare to care.

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