Topshop Animal Biker Jacket: Fall-Winter 2013-2014, $360.00 USD

In the Fall of 2012, to announce Topshop’s Vancouver opening at the Hudson’s Bay, this image of its ‘Animal Biker Jacket’ retailing for $350.00 featured prominently in their advertising campaign materials. 

In what can best be described as a serious merchandising oversight, Topshop never ensured that this garment was available for purchase, either in-store or online at their Vancouver Canada location. 

Advertisers and Merchandising agents, take note: it is imperative that when announcing the grand opening of a store, all of the items featured in promotional materials be made available to the public for purchase.

If you were disappointed that you were unable to purchase the seminal Topshop ‘Animal Biker Jacket’ from Fall-Winter 2012-2013 rest assured. Pictured below is the Elizabeth and James Floral Motorcycle Jacket for Spring-Summer 2014 retailing for roughly  $1,365.00 USD at Bloomingdale’s online.

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