Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week is growing a feast for the senses

Last November, Vancouverites were treated to new and alternative designers in an intimate and interactive venue. Visceral artists and fashion designers exposed their talents to eager fashionistas and artists during the themed evening shows. The Celestia show unfolded before our eyes and it was evident that the sky was no longer the limit! The imagination of the designers knew no bounds and they were willing to take our senses on a journey beyond the stars.

VALT is a diversion from the typical fashion industry – that escape from the gilded path. VALT gives the designers an open stage to present that haute couture collection they wouldn’t otherwise dare to bare. Some new designers will break into the fashion world at VALT while others use it to step above and beyond their frameworks. Fortunate attendees will be viewing firsthand the most avante-garde designs, since this is not a show of alternative fashion, but an alternative to the showing of fashion.

Tracey Cole, of TLC’s Made This, is a local designer specializing in repurposed and recreated fashion designs for men and women. She designed the looks we wore at Celestia this year and we hope to see more of her on the runway in future years of VALT. Carolyn Bruce’s Steampunk Jewelry headlined the night and she shined like no other. Her limitless mind guides her tireless hands and once again we watched the procession, awestruck. We were also honoured to be wearing her creations for VALT’s Celestia: necklaces in the theme of space exploration.

Emerging and growing artists are here at VALT and some are on the other end of Nikon D80’s. Monte Arnold, of Fly In The Eye Photographic Arts, is a self-proclaimed renaissance man and local artist. He worked closely with us during Celestia and captured characters of exceptional fashion-forward style.