Alex S. Yu creates garments that explore the fine line between reality and fantasy. His aesthetics rollick the happy emotions of childhood, nostalgia and wanderlust and ponder the very definition of femininity in a modern, quirky way through garments.

Buyers can purchase his merchandise at He has stock in Platform, Vancouver and Chainloop, Taipei.

Metro Living Zine interviewed Yu in preparation for this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week. He also showed a collection at last year’s event, shown below.

How and when did you get your start in fashion?
After my second year in university, I decided to follow my dream and passion in fashion. I enrolled in Blanche Macdonald, and then later, furthered my training at London College of Fashion.

Do you have muse?
I do not have a specific muse, or more precisely, I have yet to meet anyone on a personal level that has influenced/inspired me enough to consider him/her a muse.

What type of music are you listening to right now?
J-pop from the 90’s such as Judy & Mary, Speed, and lots of psychedelic pop such as Wolf Alice and Japanese Wallpaper.

What part of the job as a designer do you love? What part of being a designer do you detest?
I love being able to translate all my crazy daydreams and imaginations into something that’s very real and tangible. And the fact that I can 100% show my vision without compromising anything. I detest the fact that it is an extremely difficult business to be in because there are too many fast fashion companies and big companies with endless resources. It is impossible to compete.

Which three designers inspire you and why?
Rei Kawakubo– I love her anti-fashion attitude and her never-ending creativity, yet she is an extremely brilliant business woman
Alber Elbaz – I love his ability to make women feel beautiful and covet his garments and his amazing use of colours and extreme details.
Raf Simons– I love his unique vision on blending the very modern, contemporary arts influences with the very proper, regal traditional dress making techniques.

What do you love about hate about Vancouver?
I love the weather of Vancouver, the clean air, the abundance of cultures and good food.
I detest that there is not a lot of arts going on. And that the fashion scene is very small and very conservative.

What words of advice would you give to someone starting off in the business that you wish you had been given when you were starting out.
Be prepared to work very, very, very hard and sacrifice a lot of free time and sleep. Working for yourself is 100 times busier than working for a company because you are thinking about the business 24/7 so there essentially is no time off.

If your house was burning down what three things would you make sure you took out with you?
My iPhone, my Macbook and my Yoshitomo Nara arts collection.

If you were not a fashion designer what other job would you like to be doing?
A buyer for a fashion boutique or select shop owner.

What is the one fashion trend you wish had never happened?
Uggs, the man bun, leggings as trousers.