Drafted by Shannon Little

Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) was created in 2002 by Jamal Abdourahman. As with any dynamic industry, growth and change is inevitable in order to achieve success. The focus of the show has changed over the years, withJamal now concentrating on exposing Canadian fashion designers to the rest of the world. His desire is to help them grow and see their work in international magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and Elle.

VFW supports local designers by providing them with grants and showing their designs on the runway. They give scholarships to up and coming designers to pursue their education in fashion and design. The most recent recipient wasSara Armstrong. VFW also provides opportunities for designers to meet agents and attend a wholesaling workshop to increase their success at a business level. A venue for media attention and press release is available for all designers involved.

Photographer Credit : Rayan Nima

“Strengthening the local fashion industry has been at the heart of VFW since its inception,” says Sarah Murray, VFW’s Community Relations Manager. The show’s purpose is to provide a platform for local and international designers to market and sell their work.

Aniimiism.com ~ Photographer Credit : Richie Lubaton

Three local designers with amazing collections and a history of showing with VFW are Aniimiism.com, sofiaclothing.com and alexsyu.com. This season, VFW will also be introducing a show to highlight recent grads, including Lata Designs from the Art Institute, Street and Saddle from Blanche MacDonald, Noctex from Kwantlen, and So Martha So Mary from Vancouver Community College.

sofiaclothing.com ~ Photographer Credit : Miguel Paulo

Anita Sikma, Jen Ellis Designs, Kat Made Jewelry, Lana Betty, Slate Jewelry, and Street Cat Designs are the six jewelry designers who will be showcasing their collections at VFW this season.

alexsyu.com ~ Photographer Credit : Ed Ng

VFW has always strived to make a difference for all of its artists and designers, to provide opportunities for them to pursue their dreams to heights perhaps once thought unachievable.

Twice a year, every Spring and Fall, Jamal and his dedicated team continue to work tirelessly to put Vancouver and its local artists on the International map!

Vancouver Fashion Week 2016 is occurring from March 14th to March 20th at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. This industry event is open to the public. For more information, please check out thewebsite.