Fashion Stylist Shannon Belsito

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Wardrobe Consult / Closet Audit – $250 / 3 hours / four appointments available in October

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The Closet Audit

This is a deep cleansing process. I will sort, organize and revitalize your wardrobe. Help you get rid of the less flattering, and dated items to make room for inspiring new pieces. Shop in your own closet, discover new outfits, mix & match, get inspired. I will help you create a list of what you really need, and offer shopping options. You will love your new, easy, fun wardrobe choices!

I help my clients develop, and enhance their personal image with a style that is uniquely theirs. Having a wardrobe that you love, feel comfortable and fantastic in everything you wear is what a closet audit gets you.  I love the freedom people feel from getting rid of old stuff and finding space for new and refreshing pieces.  Wearing 20% of your wardrobe isn’t a great value, a decluttered closet allows one to find more from less.  Clients are thrilled to find new pieces to wear in what they already have and are excited when the process is complete to have a fresh perspective on their wardrobe.


“I highly recommend Shannon as a personal image consultant. She is an expert when it comes to dressing people, and is a joy to work with. Shannon has a personable approach to her customers, a high knowledge of fashion coupled with a keen eye for matching the right clothes to the person. This is the person to hire if your looking to improve your image, and have an enjoyable experience in doing so.” Jeffery Hook

“Shannon knows fashion! She has a great eye and ability to mix and match pieces. She assists with adding key pieces to your wardrobe so that you build a good foundation that will last for several years to come. In the end, Shannon helps you save money by recommending buying quality pieces that suit your body type.”  Nadia Iadiserina

“I was desperate and Shannon helped me get ‘my groove’ back.Now I am constantly getting compliments on my new look. Shannon is very creative and knowledgable and we had a lot of fun! I would definitely hire her again.”  Bevie Taylor 

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