Everyone, at some point in their relationship, will experience diminished desire for their partner. Unless you have a hormonal imbalance, are taking a prescription that impedes sexual function, or have an underlying medical condition, the answer can be found in the relationship itself. The brain is our largest sex organ, and if you are not feeling emotionally connected, physical intimacy will suffer. Sex is the highest level of communication, so understanding your core relationship issues will naturally improve things between the sheets. If you want to feel that spark again with your partner, you have to re-establish your emotional connection.

Are there unresolved issues in your relationship? Are you even the slightest bit upset with your partner? Are you feeling resentful? Did you fail to set appropriate boundaries? Have you adequately asserted your needs? Did you compromise on an important issue when your shouldn’t have? Did you shut down? Einstein said it best when he said, “A problem needs to be resolved 6 layers below where it presents itself.” Don’t worry, the passion has not been lost – it is just temporarily hidden.

The 6 Steps to Reignite Passion

1. Ask yourself, “Am I upset or angry with my partner? Is there an imbalance in responsibilities?”
Anger is a secondary emotion that covers up vulnerable feelings like fear, sadness, and hurt.

2. Do you feel resentful? When we feel resentment, we automatically withdraw emotionally. Sex is best when we are emotionally connected.

3. Do I feel safe and secure in my relationship? If you are feeling insecure or unsafe, passion will naturally diminish. Do you trust your partner? Does your partner have your best interests at heart?

4. Are you spending enough fun time together outside of the bedroom? What do you enjoy doing together? What brought you together in the first place? Whatever it is, do more of it.

5. Are you looking after yourself? We all need to feel like we are living with purpose. The best relationships happen when two people share their authentic selves and purpose with each other.

6. How are you communicating in your relationship? Are you able to adequately express your needs in a way that creates connection and love, or are you critical and judgmental?


Studies have proven that “85% of your happiness and success in life can be directly attributed to your communication skills.” Suffice to say, it is the answer to switching on your “turn-on switch” and reigniting passion in your relationship.

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