AWAKEN Your Energy & TRANSFORM Your Life with Karolina & Shama!

This intimate and exclusive women ONLY workshop or we call it “Loveshop” is designed to connect conscious living, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, passion and feminine energy to enhance and elevate your life in every dimension!

Date: Jan 9, 2016 at 9:30 AM to Jan 16, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 1N8

Tickets Available:

  • Do you feel taken by a busy life, projects and business meetings that you forget to love and nurture your feminine power?
  • Do you feel like you achieved success in your career but don’t seem to have time to unleash your power of feminine energy?
  • Do you want deeper connection, love, passion, and more mindful connection in your life?
  • Do you have hard times letting go and claiming your right for pleasure and vulnerability?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body, spirituality, your pleasure, or your core feminine energy?
  • Do you want to gently releases stress and brings your body into a state of inner piece, harmony and balance?

Do you know that once you own your feminine life energy, it can be a sacred and powerful guidance in your life? In this series of the loveshops (workshops),
Shama and I will help you transform your life by using different modalities like breath work, bioeergetics, meditations, coaching, dance and movement to expand your energy, body and mind.

Each week you will focus on melting the frozen energies in your bodies and unleashing a specific part of your sensuality and feminine wellness.



* Release tension from your system through breath work and meditation

* Reconnect with your core energy to feel its power

* Learn the difference between feminine and masculine energy to avoid blockage of feminine energy

* Create daily rituals for connecting with your feminine energy after a busy and stressful day

* Feel passionately and vibrantly connected to your life and people around


* Discover how to break unconscious fears and limiting beliefs that were holding your back in your relationship

* Learn strategies be in touch with your desires

* Expand your definition of love, passion and vulnerability to harness authenticity and creativity

* Become aware of your stress patterns and learn strategies to release them

* Introduce more playfulness, adventure and fun into your love life


* Vitalize and open your body with movement and dance

* Access your creative magician to tell you more about your desires

* Discover your core and feminine desires through art work

* Create vision for your intimate life to know where you’re heading and what you need to do

* Learn what’s missing from your life and strategies to make a change

* Claim responsibility for your pleasure, celebration and fulfillment


* Harmonize your body and mind through meditation

* Learn the art of receiving pleasure

* Learn how to enjoy your full potential in intimacy

* Becomes more confident, free and joyous in your personal life

* Claim control over your core feminine energy to empower your feminine health & wellness

Karolina is an intrepid coach/counsellor who is following her passion by helping people fire their passion in the bedroom. She is a published author, who is currently finishing her book “Passionate sex is a lifestyle.” You can find also her work on Huffington Post and Lifehack. Karolina created #AskKarolina Online Show to empower more people transform their sex lives.

She has training in clinical sexology, relationship counselling, sex coaching, spirituality, personal development, Tony Robbins programs, and much more. Karolina is a few months away from obtaining her status as a licensed counselor with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

Shama is a transforming therapist, an artist and a business woman. She is the symbol of a free-independent woman coming from a Middle-Eastern country. This very contradictory nature of her upbringing gives Shama the color, the strength, the vision and the passion she now shares around the world. Shama inspires and encourages people to get out of their boxes thanks to her experience. Some of Shama’s trainings and certifications include:

  • Hypnotherapy training – India
  • Breath training – Italy
  • Sexual awareness counselling training – Italy
  • Relationship counselling training – Italy
  • Eft Emotional releasing techniques – Thailand
  • Reichen body types training – Italy
  • Meditaive therapies training – Greece and India
  • Reiki 1-2 training – Turkey