What was the last thing you did to enhance yourself, grow yourself, or add additional skills to what you are doing today?  What book have you read lately, what seminar have you attended, which course have you taken in the category of personal development?  If your answers to these questions are vague, you probably want to rethink how much value you place on yourself and your personal growth.

I was told long ago that unless you constantly increase your value and expand and grow your mind, there is absolutely no way to increase your paycheque.  Exactly what did my mentor mean by that? 


Well, for starters it means that in order to accomplish your goals, you must at some point evaluate the way you spend your time and determine if your activities throughout your day are moving you towards your goals or further away from them.  Is there anything that you could change to have more time to commit to activities that enhance you?  Ask yourself if you find yourself constantly surfing the web and watching endless television just to pass the evenings at home while dreaming about the freedom more money could bring for you and your loved ones?  

It also means that if you never grow as a person, how can you expect to grow in business or be a success?  Spending time on personal development can be as simple as reading the latest business bestseller to grow your skill set, but even this simple task can literally mean the difference between staying stuck or moving consistently towards your full potential.  


My mentor always said garbage in, garbage out!  At the time he was talking about television and he said it like this: ‘I wouldn’t allow anyone to walk in my home and dump garbage on my living room floor, why would I allow them to do it every night in my head’.  I left the presentation that night and went home and cancelled my cable the very next day.  Crazy right?  Well, I can tell you it’s going on 8 years now and I have NEVER regretted it, never missed any important news that might affect me and have had nothing but extra time to invest in my family, career and personal development.  I have grown to understand now that the more positive, uplifting, inspirational information we put in our heads, simply put, the better we will feel and do.

When I realized that my time could definitely be better spent, and I finally had more time with no distractions, I began to shift my behaviours immediately.  I read more and started to attend seminars and download online video’s from successful entrepreneurs on ways to achieve goals.  Based on my own experience with this, I can attest to the fact that even just by beginning to read more books that inspired me, I began to think differently.  When I began to believe that my dreams could be possible and began to think differently, my mind became more open-minded and expanded to a higher belief system.  What started as a slow trickle towards my dreams began to be a flood of excitement as I started to implement some of the tools I was reading about.  I realized that growth had to be constantly worked on in 3 areas concurrently: The Physical, The Spiritual and the Educational and for me it meant all 3 had to be considered as valuable.

So ask yourself, if you really want to achieve more in any way, how could that even be possible without expanding your mind and growing yourself in some area?  Now the big question is:  what are you doing right now to change how you spend your time and grow yourself?


Here is a list of things I consistently do that I find invaluable to my personal growth and well being.  Feel free to pick from this list or choose some of your own, but start today and you will be well on your way to positive changes:

1.  Start reading from the business section of your local bookstore.

2.  Set aside time to research great entrepreneurs and read their biographies, learn from the masters.

3.  Begin a daily meditation practice and find stillness in each day.

4.  Join a local gym or commit to some regular exercise .

5.  Attend seminars.

6.  Take a class at your local Recreation Centre or community college.

7.  Watch Ted Talks or some other video that inspires you.

8.  Volunteer and give back to your community.

There are many other ways you could begin today to improve yourself, the point is change your habits and you change your life!